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Stand out with a USA Diploma!

Add a U.S. High School Dual Diploma to your Exchange program! By taking only 4 – 5 online courses, Exchange students can earn a U.S. High School diploma in addition to their home school diploma!   

Whether you are finishing up a J-1/F-1 year or getting ready to head to the USA this fall, now is the time to think about adding on a Dual Diploma.

Benefits of a U.S. High School Diploma

Competitive Advantage

Stand out with a USA diploma when applying for university, internships, and jobs

Prominent U.S. Boarding School

Take classes with a distinguished high school with an outstanding reputation

Engaging and Convenient Classes

Study at your own pace on the asynchronous interactive learning platform

Study Exciting Subjects

Choose from a range of interesting subjects, including AP courses for advanced students

How it works

Educatius Academy offers the Dual Diploma through two of our prominent American high school partners. Combine credit/courses from your time in the USA, plus a few online courses to earn the credits you need to graduate from high school in the U.S. AND high school at home!
It’s called a Dual Diploma, and you set the pace, completing your online studies when it’s convenient for you.

Step #1 – spend a semester or year abroad studying at any American high school.  Classes you take in the U.S. can be credited towards your dual diploma program.

Step #2 – take 4 to 5 online classes while studying at your local high school at home during the school year or over the summer.

Step #3 – complete your studies at your local home school and your American studies online.

Step #4 – graduate with a USA Dual Diploma

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Hybrid Dual Diploma Details

  • A total of 5-6 extra credits/courses are required for the Dual Diploma.
  • Apply up to 2 credits/courses from your studies in the USA.
  • Take 4 – 5 online courses to earn your Dual Diploma.
  • Typically, only 2 subjects are required – English and U.S. History. 
  • The other course electives are your choice!


Flexible Options

  • Start anytime, before or after your exchange.
  • Study at your own pace – complete the program in 2 – 4 years.
  • Choose from a wide range of interesting subjects.
  • Asynchronous online classes allow you to study at the best time for you.
  • Choose synchronous summer courses if you want to complete more quickly.

Now is the time!

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Are you finishing up your exchange? You can continue your American education and experience back at home. Now is a great time to get started and take online courses alongside your classes at home.

Get a jump on things and start this summer, or wait until the fall and take online courses alongside your classes at home

Want to earn your official U.S. High school diploma?

You’ve experienced living and studying in the USA. Now, here is your opportunity to make it official! With just a handful of online courses, you can earn the American high school diploma you’ve dreamed of.

Fast Track Your Diploma with Summer Intensive Courses!

The fastest way to earn credits towards your diploma! Take synchronous, interactive classes this July to complete 2 courses in a short period of time. Join other Exchange students for live online classes with American teachers. In just 4 weeks, you can earn 2 credits while studying interesting courses.

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Rasmus, student from Denmark
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Hear from Louise!

After completing her exchange in the USA, Louise continued her U.S. education with the online Dual Diploma program.

Say yes to a Dual Diploma!

Arthus from France upgraded his US exchange year and his French high school to a Dual Diploma. Listen as he explains why.

Graduate with a
prestigious American Diploma!

Having an international diploma in addition to your local school graduation will help you lead you towards a successful future. Learn what educators, students, and parents say about the benefits of a Dual Diploma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program fees start at $4,950+. The price varies depending on the courses you need to take to fulfill the Dual Diploma requirements. Contact us to determined which courses you’ll need to take and the exact cost.

All online courses are high school level, grades 9–12. Students can start studying as young as 13 and usually complete the full diploma program before they turn 20 years old.

Students are given 40 weeks of access for each of the courses. They can start the program when they want and take 1 –4 years to complete the full program. However, most students complete the program in 2 –3 years. Students usually complete all the online courses at the same time or before they graduate from their local high school at home.

The flexible, asynchronous program allows students to study at their own pace. So, how many hours a student studies per week is up to them. Students that are academically stronger and those with higher English levels, will move through the courses more quickly. On average, for a student that will follow the course for 40 weeks, approximately 2 –2.5 hours of study is needed per week. 

Students must maintain a C average in their classes at home and online in order to qualify for the dual diploma.

The recommended English level is B1-B2. We offer students a free assessment test if needed to determine their English level. English support & preparation is available for students with lower scores. Our English Prep Camp is also course also is available to assist students in strengthening their English skills.

We monitor students’ grades and progress to help them stay on track towards graduation. Weekly reports allow us to observe student performance. If a student’s grades are low or they are not keeping up with the work, we will check in to see if they need any additional assistance or support. Our goal is to help all students thrive and successfully earn their Dual Diploma!

Students can earn up to 2 credits from their study in the USA. We review your transcripts to determine which courses will count towards your dual diploma. If you are going abroad in the future, we will make recommendations on which courses to take while in the USA.

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